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How A Metal Roof Helps Save Money

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How A Metal Roof Helps Save Money

For many industrial buildings and workplaces, corrugated roofing sheets are the standard material used to protect and shelter countless buildings and the people inside them.

More officially known as corrugated galvanised iron, despite being typically made of steel, corrugated iron is believed to have sheltered more people in the 20th century than perhaps any other building material, in no small part because it was cheap, strong, long-lasting and easy to install.

However, whilst all of these factors mean that it can save you a lot of money as part of the initial installation, that is not where the savings end at all.

Painted Metal Roofs Cool Down The Building

Compared to traditional shingles, there is a lot more versatility in the types of designs you can accomplish with a metal roof, and one of the best for your energy bills is an ultra-white paint that can create a cooling power more effective than many air conditioning systems.

This, or a highly reflective finish can significantly reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light being absorbed by the roof, which in turn keeps it and by extension the rest of the building significantly cooler.

Lower Energy Bills

Metal roofs do not inherently affect energy usage unless you take advantage of the fact it is much easier to fit solar panels to a metal roof, but given that it reflects heat away from the building, it reduces the need for energy-intensive air conditioning systems.

Longer Lasting And Easier To Dispose Of

Metal roofs can last decades if properly maintained, and given the expense of roof repair, these bills can add up if you are using an alternative roofing surface such as asphalt or shingles.

As well as this, even when it is time for the roof to be replaced, metal is one of the most universally recycled substances on Earth, so it can be easily melted down and turned into new roofing sheets to keep another building sheltered.

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