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Why Do So Many Homeowners Have Problems With Their Gutters?

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Why Do So Many Homeowners Have Problems With Their Gutters?

One of the most common repair jobs for builders is fixing roof gutters, with many homeowners in the UK having ongoing issues with their guttering.

There are many reasons why gutters start malfunctioning, causing the construction industry millions of pounds due to building delays. In addition to this, they are also costly to keep repairing and stock that cannot be fixed is thrown away, resulting in a huge amount of unnecessary waste.

So, what is the reason for so many gutter problems?

The most common cause of leaking is joint failure. If the seal between the pipes is broken or has worn away, the water will leak out down the wall of the house instead.

This can be easily repaired using gutter sealant on the joint so that any gaps are filled and the water can continue travelling along the pipework instead of leaking out. Alternatively, the seal can be replaced or the entire gutter might need to be removed and a new one put on.

Another reason why gutters might leak is due to erosion causing substrate failure. If the guttering is not working effectively, this can result in a buildup of standing water.

This typically leads to the growth of weeds and grass, and weakens the structure by encouraging corrosion. If it weakens and becomes damaged, it will no longer be able to contain the water and it will pour out. At the same time, the gutter will need to be completely replaced.

The British weather also does not help with gutter issues, as they can be destroyed during periods of inclement weather. Heavy storms and strong winds can tear gutters off buildings, while downpours can overfill them, putting too much pressure on the structure and weakening it.

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