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Profile Matched Sheeting
Match up a Sheeting Profile

If you are in a situation where you find that you need to match up to an existing sheeting profile, without knowing the original manufacturer, you may find it challenging as there are quite a lot of different sheeting profiles out there, a lot of which are now obsolete.

Profile matched sheeting is the perfect solution for buildings where areas of box profile sheeting need replacing
or adding to in the same profile.

Foregale offer a profiled sheet matching service, all we need is a sample or an accurate drawing of the full width of the sheet you want to match up to, and from this we can manufacture as many new sheets as you require up to
a maximum length of 6.2MT.

In most cases, profile matched sheeting is a specialised service which involves a lot of time to allow a profile to be made by hand. This unfortunately means the price is more expensive than our standard box profile sheeting
and will likely have a longer lead time.

To fabricate your profile matched sheet we recommend that you bring in a sample to ensure a higher level of accuracy when matching up. Alternatively we can manufacture from a drawing also however this is not always as accurate.

Please see below detail showing what measurements are needed on a sheet in order to identify it when sending in a drawing.
Please contact our roofing sales team if you would like to discuss profile matched sheets further.


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