Top Tips To Help Soundproof Your Metal Roof

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Top Tips To Help Soundproof Your Metal Roof

Metal roofs using corrugated roofing sheets have a huge number of advantages compared to tiles or shingles. They are more affordable, require less maintenance and are more robust, making them ideal for industrial uses and low-cost housing alike.

What is far from ideal, however, is the incredible amount of noise a metal roof can make when it is not adequately soundproofed.

The familiar tapping noise is one that can be incredibly frustrating and distracting, especially during the winter months when wet weather is more frequent.

However, there are ways to reduce the noise, making an office or home with a metal roof far more enjoyable and comfortable.

Check The Fasteners

Metal roofing consists of a small number of large metal sheets, and if these are incorrectly fastened can be shifted and moved more easily, causing more noise and the possibility of vibrations and echoes.

Make sure the fasteners are securely installed, are not damaged and are tight enough.

Insulate The Roof

Adding a layer of insulation between the roof and the ceiling can help to muffle the noise from the roof from the rest of the building, and the thicker the layer of insulation, the quieter the roofing will be.

Different grades and products are available, such as spray foam, and strategically placed can make the world of difference.

Add A Roof Underlayment

Adding an underlayment layer to the roof is a standard part of most roofing installations to avoid water ingress.

They help to make homes energy efficient, but they can also serve as another layer of soundproofing that can further reduce the noise of a metal roof.

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