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Top Tips For Preparing Your Metal Roof For Winter Chills

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Top Tips For Preparing Your Metal Roof For Winter Chills

After a surprisingly long period of summer warmth that started in late spring and only began to abate in October, winter is very much on its way, and with it time to prepare homes, offices and industrial buildings for the cold snap to follow.

For the most part, corrugated roofing does not require too much in the way of additional maintenance; as long as it is properly coated and there are no pre-existing issues, it is generally good to go.

However, there are certain ways to ensure that you have no frustrating and expensive issues with your roofing this winter. Here are some top tips.

Clear The Roof And Gutters

The most important job to take care of is to take care of the effects of autumn fall. Leaves fluttering from the trees are beautiful in October, but they have a tendency to get caught on the roof or caught in the gutters, which can affect their ability to effectively clear water from the roof in December.

This can add pressure to the roof, potentially damage the waterproofing or could potentially create an ice dam when the temperature reaches freezing levels.

Check Your Insulation Layer

Metal roofing is reliant on insulation to keep the building warm in winter, so make sure there are no issues or signs of water damage.

This inspection can not only provide some much-needed peace of mind but also allow you to see if additional flashing or sealing is needed at certain parts of the roof.

Keep Inspecting

As there is a greater chance of bad and inclement weather in winter, make sure you have prepared a suitable maintenance and inspection schedule in case repairs need to be made quickly.

Ultimately, a penny of prevention is always worth a pound of repairs,

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