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Demand For Insulated Sheeting To Rise As Winter Persists

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Demand For Insulated Sheeting To Rise As Winter Persists

Winter hangs around a lot longer than the mince pies and Christmas songs, and temperatures can dip below freezing well into March sometimes.

With snowy weather taking over much of the UK at the moment, this could serve as a reminder to property owners to make sure their buildings are as insulated as possible so they remain protected against the inclement conditions outside.

Therefore, builders are likely to see a rise in demand for insulated roofing sheets, as these help to keep an industrial building warm.

They work by having a metal outer sheet, which is fixed onto cladding railings. Using a bar and bracket system or a galvanised metal spacer bar, a cavity is created between the outer panel and the liner one, which is also fixed to the rail.

This cavity is then filled with glass fibre insulation, and increasing the cavity and having an air gap helps to improve the insulation of the sheets.

Many builders prefer to use the cladding rail as the cavity-former space, as this enables the cladding rails to remain hidden.

This is particularly preferential in food production areas to avoid the build-up on surfaces, which could become a breeding zone for bacteria and germs. At the same time, it enables the inner wall to be cleaned more easily.

Although it seems late in the season to be fitting insulated roof sheeting, many industrial companies might have failed to get round to sorting it out before the new year.

Now they may want to prioritise the project now that 2024 has begun, particularly as temperatures are continuing to plummet. Indeed, the Met Office has revealed temperatures are currently around 6C lower than usual for this time of the year, reported the BBC.

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