Bad Weather Roofing

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Bad Weather Roofing

We all value the roof over our heads, and maintaining this protective top layer of our home. Through the
use of corrugated roofing sheets it is possible to prevent significant weather damage and depreciation. But
what about bad weather in general? It is time to answer your questions about bad weather and roofing.

Heavy rain is the likeliest bad weather to affect your roof. In the UK rainfall is regular, and in recent years
significant storms have caused large amounts of damage to a number of properties around the country.
Rain can lead to leaks, and the smallest of cracks or imperfections tend to be the main culprit.

It is not just leaks that you would need to worry about. Flat roofing, typically in commercial properties,
can see pooling of rain water which can cause structural problems. Additionally, regular rain can cause
materials on your roof to warp and rot as they do not get the chance to properly dry out.

Snow and winter weather can also be a hazard for your roof. It is not so much the initial snowfall as what
happens when there is a thaw in the weather and all that condensed moisture begins to melt. When this
happens there is greater risk of shingles being damaged, and in the most extreme cases the entire roof to

There are different schools of thought when it comes to working on roof jobs in the rain. Some will
absolutely not take the risk, for reasons of keeping the project from getting sidetracked or unnecessarily
delayed or health and safety.

You might be surprised to learn that a roofer can take on a rainy job. Following safety guidelines, bad
weather is no real obstacle to fixing your roof when it is needed. At Foregale we pride ourselves on taking
on all challenges.

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