54 New Houses Planned For Somerset

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54 New Houses Planned For Somerset

Demand for corrugated roofing sheets will be high in Somerset soon as the area is expected to see 54 new houses being built after the council approved plans for the ambitious project.

According to Somerset Live, Somerset West and Taunton Council’s planning committee gave its go ahead for the new council properties on Seaward Way near Minehead.

Construction work on the £9.5 million initiative is expected to begin as soon as November, with Classic Builders planning to deliver the zero-carbon properties by the end of 2023.

Christopher Brown, assistant director of housing property for the local authority, said: “The district has significant demand for affordable homes, with a current target of 264 units per year. Our new builds complement the affordable homes delivered though housing association partners.”

He added the council intends to build 1,000 new homes over the next 30 years.

This announcement comes after the local authority celebrated the start of another housing regeneration scheme in the area.

Last week, work began to build 47 homes, including 24 houses, four bungalows, 19 apartments and a community centre, on five parcels of land, as part of the North Taunton Woolaway Project.

Executive member for housing at the council Fran Smith said this initiative “form[s] part of the council’s commitment to invest in our housing stock and amenities to deliver a good quality of life for residents and to develop new homes that meet local needs”.

The overall project will see 227 new-build properties over the next few years, as well as 27 council homes being refurbished.

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